Local handyman provide kitchen cabinet repair services in your local area. The kitchen cabinet is the most important part of any kitchen where to keep storage food and kitchen stuff at home. However, with constant use, Kitchen cabinets fall into many issues such as broken hinges, misaligned doors,  Worn-Out Knobs and Handles, scratches and dents, drawer slides, cabinet shelves issues, etc. That’s why kitchen cabinet repair is the best solution. Discuss below the kitchen cabinet issues and solutions in detail that you are facing.

Common kitchen cabinet problem and solution

Broken hinges

Broken hinges are a common problem. The problem you face with hinges, loosing hinges, stripping screws, sagging or falling off door completely from the kitchen cabinet. That’s why cabinet doors don’t open and close properly. For fixing this, Our professional handyman can tighten the screws or replace the hinges altogether. And also for replacing make sure to choose the right size and type of hinge for your cabinet doors.

Misaligned doors

Another common problem for kitchen cabinets is misaligned doors. When you face this, The door frame may be displaced from the right place of the kitchen cabinet. It would be a barrier to access anything in the kitchen cabinet. By checking the alignment of cabinet, our handyman makes sure that it looks straight and level and matches perfectly with the kitchen cabinet.

Worn-Out Knobs and Handles

Over time, The knobs and handles on the kitchen cabinet get worn out. That’s a big problem for opening and closing kitchen cabinets with holding knobs and handles. Considering the condition of the knobs and handles, it is an urgent need for kitchen cabinet repair. Our handyman uses the new knobs or handles by replacing the old ones so that it looks new and bright like before.

Scratches and dents

The scratches and dents appear on the kitchen cabinets for many causes. It happens for accidents or getting old. For this, you need kitchen cabinet repair. These scratches and dents destroy the beauty of the kitchen cabinet. Our handyman uses the filler to smooth the kitchen cabinet.

Drawer slides

If the drawer slides of the kitchen cabinet are not sliding properly or are stuck with something, then it may be a problem with the drawer slides. Our handyman service cleans and lubricates the drawer so that the drawer slides sliding easily. But the condition gets so bad the replace with new.

Cabinet shelves

Cabinet shelves become damaged or sag over time due to weight or moisture.The shelves are the most important part of the kitchen cabinet. So by Considering the shelves’ condition, reinforcing or replacing the shelves with our handyman for kitchen cabinet repair.

Why kitchen cabinet repair is important

Kitchen cabinets play an essential role in securing the functionality and appearance of the kitchen. Using kitchen cabinet for the arrangement of all things in the Kitchen. If any cause happens and creates issues on the kitchen cabinet over time, then all activities of the kitchen are in troublesome. That”s why kitchen cabinet fixing is more important to get rid of all problems you face with kitchen cabinets.

There are various types of Kitchen cabinet repairing services in Singapore. You have to choose the correct one who provides high-quality service with guaranteed customer satisfaction. Our local handyman services provide the best quality handyman services with a professional handyman in Singapore. 

Repair kitchen cabinet Singapore

Kitcen cabinet repair singapore


Kitchen are the most important part of home. Over time, kitchen cabinet need to repair. Complete kitchen cabinet repairing services are very rare in Singapore. Though you get some servicing providers for repairing kitchen cabinet repair, most of them are lower quality in providing high-quality service. Considering the total kitchen cabinet condition, Local Handyman Services Sg provides complete kitchen cabinet repairing services in Singapore.

Repair kitchen cabinet door

Repairing the door is the most important part of the kitchen cabinet. The door is the pathway of kitchen cabinet. When any problem happens with the kitchen cabinet door, then all things in the kitchen are at risk. So the first and foremost thing is to make sure the highest safety and security for repairing kitchen cabinet doors. Don’t worry about what problem you face with doors. Local handyman sg easily repair any kind of issue on the doors of the kitchen cabinets. Keeping kitchen cabinets safe and secure always by repairing kitchen cabinet doors with professionals handyman

Kitchen cabinet door replacement

Kitchen cabinet door replacement are replaced based on kitchen cabinet door condition. Updating your kitchen with kitchen cabinet door replacement add new diversity into the heart of the home. Whether you choose a modern, sleek look or a more traditional and cozy feel, choosing the right cabinet doors makes a significant impact on kitchen cabinet repair. For the process of kitchen cabinet door replacement to consider some facts such as materials, colors, and styles. All things complement your overall kitchen aesthetic.Besides, kitchen cabinet door hinge replacement are the most important part of the replacement of kitchen cabinet door. This replacement enhances the visual appeal of space and is simultaneously a practical solution for looking refresh kitchen without a complete overhaul. 

kitchen cabinet repair water damage

For maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of the kitchen to repair water damage is essential. Sometimes, leaks or spills cause water damage. Later on, The consequences are unsightly stains, warping, and uncompromised structural integrity. Quick observation and decision for water damage issues to prevent further deterioration. Removing Water damage issues through some process like sanding, refinishing, or even replacing affected areas.

Repair kitchen cabinet hinges

When comes to repairing kitchen cabinets, there are many things that need to repair. Those things are very important parts of kitchen cabinets. This hinge is one of the important parts of doors that attach to the door. It helps doors to run smoothly. The doors never can run properly without hinges. This hinge may damage for many reasons such as losing the screw, pushing on the hinge, pulling out the door forcefully and etc. Fix kitchen cabinet hinges with local handyman for whatever problem you have with hinges.

Kitchen cabinet repair parts

There is a number of kitchen cabinet repair parts that help restore the functionality and appearance of the kitchen. The repairing process is not able without repair parts. The essential repair parts are to discuss below.

Cabinet Hinges: Cabinet doors are sagging, or not opening and closing properly because of hinge issues. The high-standard hinges part are available for replacing the waste hinges such as concealed hinges, European hinges, and overlay hinges.

Drawer Slides: The common drawer sliding issues are sticking, wobbling, falling off tracks, etc. There are different types of styles for drawer slides like side-mount, under-mount, and center-mount and etc. All types of drawer sliding styles are affordable to match the kitchen cabinet by replacing those old ones.

Cabinet Handles and Knobs: Opening and Closing kitchen cabinet door and drawer by catching cabinet handles and knobs. The more possibility has to damage easily because of using so much. A wide variety of cabinet handles and knobs are available in different materials, finishes, and designs. Replacing the damaged or old cabinet handles and knobs to refresh the look of your kitchen cabinets.

Shelf Brackets: The shelves bracket is one of the most important parts.  This part plays a crucial role in keeping something on the shelf brackets. Strength and stability are very essential during replacing shelf brackets. These parts are available in different sizes and materials. Replacing the perfect ones is suitable for properly.

Cabinet Door Stops and Bumpers: Cabinet Door Stops and Bumpers: Cabinet door stops and bumpers are small parts but important elements. It prevents cabinet doors from slamming shut or banging into adjacent surfaces. These simple parts can protect the cabinets from unnecessary damage. Door stops and bumpers are available in various styles, for example, magnetic catches, soft-close dampers, and self-adhesive bumpers.

Kitchen cabinet repair cost

Kitchen cabinet repairing cost is dependent on how is the condition of the kitchen cabinets. There are many factors considerable dealing with kitchen cabinet repair costs. Such as the type of repair: different costs for simple and complex repairs, material and design: different costs for several materials and designs, the extent of the damage: kitchen cabinet’s damage is slight or deep, additional service: additional charge applicable for additional service.

Kitchen cabinet repair handyman

Repairing kitchen cabinet with professional handyman in Singapore make your kitchen cabinet repair service an outstanding look. All handymen are not experts in all the services you need. Kitchen cabinet repair is such a task in that really needs professional handyman to handle kitchen cabinet repair services carefully. Local Handyman Sg has a team of professional kitchen cabinet repair handyman who has more than years of experience in providing accurate services. Local handyman Sg bringing in a skilled kitchen cabinet repair handyman offers several facilities. These following:

  • Experts and experienced handymen in handling various cabinet repair tasks
  • Apply the latest method  as well as access to specialized tools and materials
  • Time-saving and efficient solution in accordance with the project finishing
  • Confirming the highest safety during repair work so that no possibility in taking place risk or damage
  • Professional advice and recommendations for long-term maintenance of kitchen cabinets.
  • All types of repair and maintenance are at an affordable rate

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High-quality kitchen cabinet repairing service is provided by Local Handyman Service Singapore. Finding reliable and experienced service providers are very tough for getting high-standard service. In this situation, Local handyman service sg is available at any location for providing the best repair kitchen cabinet services as your choice. Customer satisfaction is at the top of giving service. The ways you contact us are Whatsapp: +6594323470 Email: localservice5242@gmail.com.


Q; Is it possible to repair my kitchen cabinets on my own?

A; For minor or simple issues, can be possible to repair by yourself. It’s better to call a professional handyman to repair it properly for all problems you have.

Q; What kind of kitchen cabinet do you repair?

A; We repair all types of kitchen cabinet repair with professionals.

Q; How much charge for taking service from you?

A; The charge will be counted on the project size. The charges are different from simple to complex.