24 Hours Electrician Singapore


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24 hours electrician in Singapore for any kind of consumer and commercial electrical work, we will work with you to meet the official standards and make your place of living or work perfect for you and yours. We’re even providing 24 hours emergency electrician services anytime anywhere in Singapore 24/7! If you are looking for electrical services or an electrician near me, you are in the right place Local Handyman Sg is the best place to choose for handyman electrician service in Singapore.

  • Commercial generators
  • Childproof sockets and outlets
  • Electrical engineering works
  • Electrical extension
  • Electrical surge protectors
  • Electrical wiring
  • Extra TV, electrical sockets
  • Install cable TV sockets, SCV point
  • Install ceiling fan
  • Install distribution board (DB) and circuit breakers
  • Install & replace the power socket
  • Install power point for aircon, washing machine
  • Install & replace power socket and power outlets
  • Install telephone point
  • Install & replace water heater
  • Power conditioners
  • Power failure & trip repair
  • Replace DB & fuse box
  • Replace light fittings, light bulbs, switch
  • Repair light
  • Rewiring
  • Upgrades to electrical panels
  • Ventilation and exhaust fans
  • Wiring upgrades
  • All other Electrical installations


24 hour Electrician Singapore with electrical handyman

24 Hours Electrician Singapore

Electrical Service in Singapore

Singapore is being famous for global financial center and world heritage site consisting of electricity every moment every day to move. It is unbearable to live in this type of modern city without electricity within 24/7, therefore there are lots of electrical issues occurred every moment more or less. 24 hours electrician Singapore is also provided by Local Handyman Sg any kind of electrical fault or blackout.

  • All electrical projects, including, new wiring & rewiring of the space
  • Auto gate & auto barrier installation and servicing
  • CCTV system & fire alarm installation
  • Draw single line, testing, commissioning, LEW endorsement and SP submission
  • Electrical, cable, and telephone socket installation
  • Electrical circuit wiring and rewiring
  • Electrical inspection & troubleshooting services
  • Electrical switch and light switch installation/ replacement/ repair
  • LED, fluorescent, halogen light installation/ replacement/ repair
  • Light, heater and other electrical switches
  • Generator installation and regular maintenance
  • General repairs and troubleshooting
  • Hi-power water pressure motor pump & control panel
  • Main circuit breaker replacement
  • Network cabling services and Data Point installation and cable wiring contractor
  • New and upgraded wiring
  • Power socket & power point installation/ addition/ replacement/ repair
  • Power trip or power failure circuit breaker services

 24 hours emergency electrician Singapore

24 Hours Emergency Electrician Singapore

24/7 Emergency Electrician singapore

Having an electrical outage could be damaged any of your electrical appliances and equipments, also it can happen at any time. You don’t want to have just an untrustworthy electrician to come into your home or even business to respond to that situation. In case of an electrical emergency, it is very important to have a reliable emergency 24 hours electrician Singaporeg service including licensed electrical contractors to make sure that you and your belongings are safe and in place.

  • A circuit breaker keeps tripping frequently
  • An electrical switch or power outlet feels hot when touched
  • A sudden, unidentifiable burning smell occurs in your home
  • Bulb replacements and lighting repairs
  • Circuit breaker analysis
  • Circuit breaker trip & power trip
  • Circuit breaker replacements
  • Circuit installations & upgrading
  • Ceiling fan repairs (slow moving), electrical repairs, electrical oven repairs
  • Distribution boards & circuit breakers testing
  • Electrical fault/ blackout repair
  • Electrical inspections
  • Electrical safety inspections
  • Electrical servicing & testing
  • Electrical upgrades
  • Emergency repairs & testing
  • Faulty or broken power points & light switches
  • Fault finding, inspection testing
  • Faulty power points and light switch repair
  • Frayed or exposed wire replacement
  • Full or partial residential rewiring
  • In case of a partial or complete loss of power in the house
  • Lighting upgrades
  • Move, add or replace light fixture
  • Power distribution box analysis & replacement
  • Power failure & tripping problems
  • Power socket installation, ceiling fan installation and balancing
  • Someone in the house gets an electrical shock
  • Short circuit repairs
  • Surge protection
  • Upgrading power points for TV, heater, or aircon usage
  • Your home lights are flickering or dimming continuously

Need handyman electrician Singapore?

Find Local Electrician

Find Local Electrician

If you choose the wrong services and that is done by an inexperienced local electrician it can be a big hassle to deal with electrical issues. Changing an electric bulb wouldn’t make you an electrical engineer. That’s why you need local electrician, especially professional one. Local handyman Sg will provide you with the best and most experienced professional electrician.

  • Additional lights and sockets
  • CCTV installation service
  • Data telephone system, antenna
  • Electrical repair services
  • Electrical testing blackout
  • Full house or part re-wiring
  • Lighting design
  • Home entertainment systems installation
  • Power trip repair
  • Power point upgrades for aircon and TVs
  • Repair & troubleshooting
  • Replace main circuit breakers
  • SCV (TV point) DATA (Ethernet) wiring & installation
  • Telecommunications wiring & installation (intercom)
  • Water heater installation & troubleshooting


Electrical Handyman contact number

Electrician service

Local handyman sg’s motto is “We can do it for you, do it all”. To get in touch with the service, contact us right now and save money with discounted handyman services. Electrical Handyman contact number:

Phone: +65 94323470

Find local handyman services

Affordable and economical pricing that best fit at your local handyman services with no time restrictions but 24/7. Find local handyman services at your service for your electrical installation, repair, or even replacement you can easily contact and connect with the local handyman sg near your area, and contacting task will be delivered in time in front of you when the working procedure is fully satisfied.

  • Circuit breaker replacements
  • Electrical fault, electric blackout
  • Electrical panel replacement
  • Fault finding/ electrical inspection
  • Full or partial house rewiring
  • Installation of lighting and sockets
  • Lighting replacement
  • Power failure/ tripping repairs
  • Power point replacement
  • Troubleshooting

Need Local Handyman?

Do you need to fix anything, repair any kind of equipment s, or even any replacement and you need local handyman? And the answer is precisely then you are in the right place. Local handyman sg would like to provide you with the best and most experienced handyman service in Singapore anywhere anytime.

Electrical Handyman Prices IN SINGAPORE

Electrical Handyman Prices IN SINGAPORE


Recommended Electrical handyman in SG

Most Recommended Electrician in SIngapore

Most Recommended Electrical Handyman for 24 hours Electrician in Singapore

Further more if you are looking for a great handyman service recommended electrician in Sg near your area only the best of the best is local handyman sg. So, feel free and learn more detail about the local handyman services at www.localhandymansg.com.