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Handyman Singapore’s prices at affordable and available to save money with our discounted handyman services. Besides, our handyman services providers take care in the best and most effective way

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Benefits of Hiring a Handyman in cost-effective

There are various benefits you can get by hiring a handyman in Singapore at an affordable price:

  • Professionalism: Handymen are professionals who are trained and skilled in the services we offer. so that we can handle many projects, from simple repairs to complex renovations, with confidence and fulfillment.
  • Quality work: We are promised to provide quality service, and use the best equipment and techniques to make sure that your task is completed to the apex standards.
  • Time-saving: We can save property owners time, as you don’t have to spend hours looking for the right handyman or trying to understand how to complete tasks properly.
  • Advantage: We are often available to work around the property owner’s schedule, making it advantageous for those who have busy schedules or don’t have sufficient time from work to handle repairs and maintenance.
Handyman Singapore price

1. Handyman Jobs amp Prices
– General Home Services
– Doors
– Pipes toilet taps
– Water Heaters
– Lighting switch
– Painting

2. Handyman Services and Cost Factors
– Scale of repair or maintenance work
– Small projects
– Medium projects
– Large projects
– Typical Cost for Handyman Projects
– Handyman s Experience
– Complexity of the Job
– Emergency Handyman Services

3. How Do Handyman Charge
– By the Hour
– By the Job
– Handyman Cost Differences

4. Finding the Right Handyman

5. What Jobs Should I Hire a Handyman For
– Handyman
– Contractor
– Should I hire a contractor or a handyman

6. Additional Resources

7. Handyman Singapore Price Infographic

8. Find Handyman In Singapore
– Cost of Other Home Improvement Areas
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Handyman Jobs & Prices

In Singapore, prices are typically charged based on the job. Below are some of the more common handyman job prices in Singapore which you can take reference from. Do take note there are many factors involved and this only serves as an estimate for your home project:
Here are some examples of handyman services and prices that are often billed by the job:
General Home Services

Installing Shelves/Blinds/Mirrors/Blinds = $50 to $70
Installing TV brackets = $50 to $90
Installing wall mounted fan = $60 to $120
Installing a ceiling fan = $80 to $150
Installing a chandelier = $90 to $120
Installing mirrors = $50 to $70
Installing frames and pictures =$50 to $70
Assemble furniture = $80 to $120
Assembling chairs and tables = $50 to $70
TV repair = $150 to $400
Do keep in mind handyman companies may charge additional for transportation, which usually range between $20 to $40, which may be deductible from the final fees.
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Replacing leaked pipes = $50 to $100
Replacing or installing a toilet bowl = $160 to $200
Replacing or installing water taps = $40 to $60
Replacing or installing shower sets = $60 to $80
Clearing basin, kitchen, or toilet bowl = $100 to $200
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Water Heaters

Replacing the Door Knob = $60 to $150
Replacing the Bedroom Door = $100 to $380
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Replacing or installing instant heater = $60 to $100
Replacing or installing big heater = $100 to $150

Replacing light fittings / light bulbs / switch socket outlet = $50 to $70
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HDB painting service for 3 room = $980 to $1280
HDB painting service for 4 room = $1080 t2 $1480
HDB painting service for 5 room = $1480 to 1580
Executive HDB painting service for 5 room = $1580 to $1780
Painting service for 1 room = $280 to $580
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