Renovation Service in Singapore


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Renovation service needed for remodeling of every property after certain amount of times throughout of the property’s existence. Renovating not only modifies the construction of the infrastructure but also gives the new outlook and feels like a fresher. To remodel an existing apartment or building after purchasing a new house, the renovation procedure is always somewhat difficult and depends on estimated budget. For reconstruction in real estate interior and exterior design, even house remodeling needs demolition contractors to dismantle and hack also clear debris. Local Handyman Sg works on renovation service in Singapore for condominiums, HDBs and landed property asides from commercial spaces or offices and retails.

Contractor for Home Renovation 

Residential Renovation Service in Singapore

In our lifetime constructing a house is the ultimate momentous personal intension to follow. With the best experts of contractor for home renovation in Singapore Local Handyman Services  Sg team can build up the desired concept of your fantasy to fulfill your purpose from start to finish with confidence from experiences.

Contractor for home renovation in Singapore:

  • Renovating bathroom
  • Renovating bedroom
  • Renovating living room
  • Renovating a kitchen
  • Other renovation
  • 3 rooms BTO renovation
  • 4 rooms BTO renovation
  • 5 rooms BTO renovation
  • 3 rooms resale renovation
  • 4 rooms resale renovation
  • 5 rooms resale renovation
  • New condominium renovation
  • Resale condominium renovation

Carpentry Renovation Service Singapore

Local Handyman Sg is the best carpentry renovation service in Singapore offers full package of carpentry services. If you need custom furniture which is what is based in Singapore we’re here for you to manufacture your deserved furniture’s design. To both commercial and residential clients, we also offer a direct supply of their needs. Our carpentry works services are viable for cabinets, display cabinets, external design, internal framework, shelves, wardrobes, etc and includes we can build –

  • Bathroom Vanity
  • Bed frame
  • Bedside tables
  • Built-in wardrobe – Includes casement doors, Normal sliding doors
  • Book cabinets – Full height
  • Feature walls – Wall cladding of home bomb shelter with tic-tac door, Wall paneling concealed door
  • Kitchen cabinets – Top, Bottom, Top+bottom, Door unit, Tall unit
  • Platform bed – Single, Super Single, Queen and King
  • Shoe cabinets – Half-height and Full-height
  • Storage cabinets – Platforms, Half height, Full height,
  • Tables – Study table with drawer
  • TV consoles and modules
  • Vanity cabinets
  • Wardrobes or walk-in wardrobes – Swing door, Sliding door, Alu-sliding door

Cementing Renovation & Masonry Singapore

If you own a BTO, condominium, resale flat then renovating can changes the complete look with a fresher and newer house. The average cost of renovation depends on the estimated budget. With the helping hand Local Handyman Sg offers you cementing renovation & masonry in Singapore using quality materials to apply cement screed evenly and smoothly. Local Handyman Sg expert handyman renovation services of masonry works for building of walls, laying of foundations, and partitions.

Cement Screeding for HDB:

  • 1 room HDB
  • 2 rooms HDB – 600 sqft
  • 3 rooms HDB – 800 sqft
  • 4 rooms HDB – 1000 sqft
  • 5 rooms HDB – 1200 sqft

Plastering for HDB:

  • 1 room HDB
  • 2 rooms HDB – 600 sqft
  • 3 rooms HDB – 800 sqft
  • 4 rooms HDB – 1000 sqft
  • 5 rooms HDB – 1200 sqft
  • Executive apartment – 1500 sqft
  • Executive mansionette – 1500 sqft, 2 floors

Demolition & Hacking Service Singapore

Demolition & Hacking Service Singapore

Demolition & Hacking Service Singapore

Local Handyman SG offers professional demolition and hacking works with methodically and strategically to hack down cement walls for all commercial properties, BTO, HDB etc. In addition we also provide removal of all floors and wall finishes with cement, parquet or tiles. However, we at Singapore Hackers provide professional hacking services, with years of experience below our belt, which is why we can confidently promise a job well done, even under time constraints. Local handyman Sg provides demolition services for building and construction to destroying bricks, concrete, flooring, or surfaces. Demolition could vary in forms as small jobs to big works. Demolition & Hacking service Singapore is needed to remove concrete parts to give floor for repairing or installing a new part. Building or house demolition is needed heavy equipments and modern demolition tools to put down an entire property.

  • Condominium & apartment
  • Commercial building
  • Factory & industrial building
  • Landed property
  • Offices and shop houses
  • Demolition of concrete, hollow blocks & gypsum walls
  • Demolition of false ceiling
  • Hacking of bathroom floors & walls
  • Hacking of bathroom vanity & vanity support
  • Hacking of bedrooms – Tiles/ Vinyl
  • Hacking of concrete bathtub
  • Hacking of living-room & balcony – Tiles/ Vinyl
  • Hacking of kitchen floor & wall
  • Hacking of kitchen sink & sink support
  • Hacking of kitchen stove & stove support

Dismantling, Disposal & Haulage Work

Local Handyman Sg provides dismantle service built-in cabinets, ceiling boards, wardrobes, and partitions, and also all construction debris are disposed of efficiently and safely at only approved NEA dumping locations. Dismantling, disposal & haulage work by Local Handyman Sg provides dismantling services for resale HDB units and commercial units. Here at Singapore Local Handyman Sg provides dismantling and reinstalling services, Dismantling and disposal aren’t that simple work as taking the trash out from one location to another. Local Handyman Sg’s expert handyman has the skills and years of experience to dismantling and disposal service timely and in safely. Local Handyman haulage works offers full fuss-free dismantling services for cabinets, any kind of wall partitions and other fixtures.

  • Built-in wardrobes & kitchen cabinets
  • Beds, mattresses, double deckers
  • Bulky furnitures
  • Cafes, hawker & coffeeshops
  • Conference room tables
  • Commercial kitchen removal
  • Cubicles & workstations
  • Electronics, TV, fridge, ovens
  • File Storage cabinets
  • Office cabinets & furnitures
  • Partition walls & demolition skip
  • Retail shops & beauty parlors
  • Restaurant & kitchen equipment
  • Roll-around chairs
  • Sofas & recliners

Electrical Renovation Service Singapore

Electrical Renovation Service Singapore

Electrical Renovation Service Singapore

Local Handyman Sg ensures the best handyman service for electrical renovation service Singapore near your area. There are no electrical installation is truly complete and reliable without the distributed works and standard. To finding out the right electrician renovation service company for commercial or residential property is as critical and also to fix electrical problems by reliable electrician at home is too tough. Local Handyman Sg is here for you to solve your electrical problems and renovation service by providing the best electrician in Singapore for house or commercial property.

  • Ballast & bulb replacement
  • Bath lighting
  • Bedroom lighting
  • Circuit breakers
  • Circuit breaker replacement
  • Child proof outlets
  • Electrical inspections
  • Electrical safety inspections
  • Exhaust fan installation
  • Fan installation
  • Home electrical safety
  • Home lighting design
  • Kitchen lighting
  • Power failure & trip repair
  • Recessed lighting
  • Smart home automation
  • Surge protection
  • Wireless lighting controls

FLOORING Service Singapore

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Flooring will always be at the top of the list it doesn’t matter if you are in your final decision of the process to build a new house or renovating an existing one. Floor covering is an essential outlook in deciding housing outlook. While you’ve done final exploration of chosen flooring for house or office it would be pretty confusing about the final selection touch what it will look like. Local Handyman Sg offers floor servicing Singapore of hacking the floor tiles or even woodwork on to the floor.

  • Bamboo flooring repair
  • Carpet repair
  • Carpet stretching
  • Concrete flooring refinishing
  • Concrete flooring repair
  • Cork flooring repair
  • Engineered wood flooring refurnishing
  • Engineered wood flooring repair
  • Epoxy flooring coating
  • Floor removal
  • Flooring maintenance
  • Flooring materials
  • Flooring refinishing
  • Flooring repair
  • Flooring tiles
  • Hardwood flooring refinishing
  • Hardwood flooring repair
  • Laminate flooring repair
  • Linoleum flooring repair
  • Parquet flooring
  • Sports and safety flooring
  • Stone flooring repair
  • Stone flooring restoration
  • Terrazzo flooring refinishing
  • Terrazzo flooring repair
  • Tile flooring refinishing
  • Tile flooring repair
  • Vinyl flooring repair
  • Wood flooring

Metal Welding Service Singapore

Arc welding and torch welding are the most common welding methods nowadays. Joining any metal pieces by melting and bonding those together welding is the most popular process. There have been many changes in recent years to welding technology for welder’s affordable welding solutions that make it much easier for hard raw metal materials. Metal welding service Singapore is provided by Local Handyman Sg including the best-experienced welding service by the expert welders.

  • CNC drilling
  • Laser cutting
  • Metal finishing
  • Metal grinding
  • Metal shearing
  • Sheet metal assembly
  • Sheet metal bending
  • Sheet metal design assistance
  • Sheet metal molding
  • Sheet metal notching
  • Sheet metal punching
  • Sheet metal riveting
  • Sheet metal stamping
  • Sheet metal tapping
  • Sheet metal welding

Painting Service in Singapore

Painting Service in Singapore

Painting Service in Singapore

Local Handyman Sg offers a team of professionals and specialist painters and they provide expert support in choosing the best colour for a house or commercial space or office. These expert handyman painters can customize the quality service of the client’s needs. Local Handyman Sg provided painting service in Singapore professionals and years of experienced painting that save the client’s house bringing new to life.

For Condominium Painting Service

  • Furniture protection inclusive
  • Free odorless sealer
  • Post-painting cleaning inclusive
  • Shifting furniture inclusive
  • One year warranty

HBD Painting Service

  • Furniture protection inclusive
  • Free odorless sealer
  • Post-painting cleaning inclusive
  • Shifting furniture inclusive
  • One year warranty

 Landed Painting Service

  • Furniture protection inclusive
  • Free odorless sealer
  • Post-painting cleaning inclusive
  • Shifting furniture inclusive
  • One year warranty

Other Painting Servies

  • Commercial painting
  • Residential painting
  • Refuse chute hopper
  • Spalling concrete repair
  • Wall plastering

Plumbing Service in Singapore

Pipes, sinks, toilets and any kind of plumbing solutions for household or residential space and commercial places provided by the best Local Handyman Sg. Looking for best and most professional plumbing service in Singapore then you’re in the best place for the best and expert services.

  • Bathtub clogs
  • Bathroom choke
  • Bidet spray
  • Blockages
  • Flood repair
  • Leakages
  • Leak detection
  • Kitchen sink clogs
  • Pipe burst
  • Repiping work
  • Shower set
  • Shower repair
  • Toilet bowl installation
  • Toilet bowl (WC) clogs
  • Toilet bowl (WC) installation or replacement
  • Toilet bowl (WC) pan collar replacement
  • Toilet bowl (WC) water cistern replacement
  • Toilet bowl (WC) sensor flush valve system
  • Urinal
  • Urinal sensor flush valve

Reinstatement Work Singapore

Reinstatement Work Singapore

Reinstatement Work Singapore

Local handyman Sg offers top quality reinstatement work Singapore at an affordable and reasonable price. Looking for the best and quality reinstatement work Singapore then Local Handyman Sg would the great handyman service solution near your area.

  • Dismantle/ removal of ceiling works/ partitions/ cornies
  • Dismantling of office air-conditioner unit or security system
  • Dismantling of water sprinkler & fire security systems
  • Haulage/ disposal of debris
  • Painting works to wall, ceilings and fire sprinkle pipes
  • Relocation of lighting/ water points
  • Removal/ relocation of doors, entrances etc.
  • Removal of any temporary structure works
  • Removal of electrical wirings – data points, electrical, telephone
  • Removal of exhaust points for kitchen
  • Removal of existing fixed Interior fittings/ furnitures
  • Removal of floor, carpets/tile finishes
  • Removal of flooring finishes
  • Removal of office furniture – chairs, desk, workstation
  • Removal of pantry/ kitchen space
  • Removal of wall signs, posters, pictures, wallpapers, stickers or signage.
  • Removal of workstations/ cubicles
  • Removal/ hacking of wall partitions/ construction
  • Repair/ replace faulty electrical switches, doors, windows, walls
  • Restoration of original window curtain, blinds, light fittings
  • Risk management control
  • Shop front hoarding
  • Termination and removal of lightings/ water points
  • Termination of electrical works/ points
  • Vacant space after reinstatement

Contract for Home Renovation Contact

Finally, if you want the best and most prominent renovation service in Singapore then contact a contractor for home renovation is here for your needs.

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