For installing a door knob but not sure how to install door knob in singapore door repair service? Look no further. In this in-depth guideline, we’ll go through the process of how to install door knob, drawing from the expertise of professional door experts. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a novice, our step-by-step full instructions and insights will ensure the completed installation. Say goodbye to squeaky or loose doorknobs forever, properly installed door knob provides security and functionality. Installing door knob might seem complex and risky task but professional door experts, but with the right guidance, you can install the door knob with experts. Professional door experts have experience of knowledge which makes this installation setup proper Expert tips, practical advice, and answers to all common questions for the door knob installation process.

Gathering Your Tools and Materials Installing Door Knob

Before beginning door knob installation, it’s crucial to keep closer all the necessary tools and materials. Here’s a list of what tools and materials are needed:

  • Door Knob Kit: Ensuring complete door knob kit, including the knob, latch, strike plate, screws, and other components.
  • Screwdriver: Attaching the knob and strike the plate by using a screwdriver.
  • Tape Measure: Taping the Right measurement for accurate placement of the doorknob and latch.
  • Pencil: Marking the door accurately with a pencil.
  • Chisel and Hammer: Creating a recess for the latch plate with Chisel and Hammer.
  • Drill and Hole Saw: If the door doesn’t have pre-drilled holes, it needs a drill and hole saw to create them.
  • Safety Equipment: Always prioritize safety. Safety glasses and gloves are essential during door knob installation.

Preparing the Door for how to install door knob

Prepping the Door:

  • Mark the Positions: The positions for the door knob and latch to mark using the tape measure and pencil. Typically, around 36 inches above the floor, the doorknob is placed, but double-check the door’s instructions for precise measurements.
  • Drilling Holes: If there is no pre-drilled holes, use the drill and hole saw to create holes for the knob and latch. Make sure the holes are level and properly in aligned arrangement.
  • Recess for Latch Plate: The latch plate on the door’s edge to chisel out a recess for. It allows the door to close properly when the knob is turned.

How to Install Door Knob by Professional Door Experts

In this section, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to install a door knob. Follow these guidelines carefully, and you’ll have a securely installed doorknob in no time.

Installing the Door Knob:

  • Attach the Latch: Insert the latch into the created hole on the door’s edge. And making sure the beveled side of the latch faces the direction the door closes.
  • Position the Knob: Slide one half of the door knob onto the spindle. With the latch to aligning it. knob’s screws face the door’s edge are certain.
  • Secure the Knob: Placing perfectly the other half of the knob on the spindle from the other side of the door. On both sides to tighten the screw until the knob is snug against the door.
  • Test the Knob: Turn the knob for ensuring the latch moves smoothly so that the door can open and close without resistance.
  • Attach the Strike Plate: Affix the strike plate to the door frame, ensuring it aligns with the latch. place with screws in security.

In this way, successfully installed door knob with the guidance of professional door experts.


Q: Is it obligatory to hire a professional door expert for door knob installation?

A: Installing a door knob by yourself is complex or risky but professional. Hiring professional door experts helps you to achieve professional results.

Q: What do I do if the door knob doesn’t turn smoothly?

A: Double-check the alignment of the latch and strike plate to turn smoothly. Make perfect adjustments as needed until it functions properly.

Q: Can I install a door knob on any type of door?

A: Most interior and exterior doors accommodate standard door knob. However, some door have unique requirements, so consult the manufacturer’s instructions to install door knob.

Q: Are there any safety precautions should take during installation?

A: Yes, always wear safety glasses and gloves during the installation process. Be cautious when handling sharp objects and power tools.

Q: How do I choose the right door knob for my door?

A: Consider the style, security features, and finish as your choice. Consult with a professional door expert for expert advice.


You’ve now knew how to install door knob with the expertise of professional door experts. By following our comprehensive guide, you can enhance the functionality and security of your doors. Remember to prioritize safety, gather the necessary tools and materials, and take your time during door knob installation.