Cabinet Rollouts for kitchen storage. It may look like a trend to some, but for those who adopted this move understands when we say this is a game-changer.

This we speak from personal experience, as the method is also being adopted in our humble handyman van. What happen is we adopt this kitchen storage method on the boot of our car, and this allows us to sort te variety of our screws, fasteners, rivets in two tiers all in the rear boot of the vehicle. Imagine that!

To give you some guide on the method we can traditionally adopt in kitchen, here is what can happen:

Saving money on things you already have at home
The kitchen feels larger and better, rollouts maximises every inch of the storage spaces so we can plan to locate those rarely used appliances in cabinets rather than on counters.

Are you convinced? This article can provide you planning, buying and building kitchen rollouts so they can change your life too. You can make these kitchen rollouts like the ones going to be shown within hours for a mere $50. But don’t say I didn’t tell you. Once you see it in action, you will want to retrofit all your kitchen cabinets. What are you waiting for?


Rollout Pantry

Rollouts make this pantry kitchen super-efficient for storage while keeping everything close at hand.


Tip 1: Think inside the box

Rollout drawers with sloping sides keep tall things stable yet still let you see all the way to the back of the shelf. These are good for nesting pots and pans or storing different-size items on the same shelf.

Sloping Sides


Low sides

High sides


Tip 2: Choose the right slides

There are many variants of drawer slides out there, but to keep installation simple, we advise sticking to the below two types:

  • Roller slides glide on plastic wheels. Roller slides are inexpensive and easy to install, but they only extend three-quarters


Ball-bearing slides glide on tiny bearings. Ball-bearing slides cost more and are harder to install, but they can extend fully.

Tip 3: Make the most of skinny spaces

Narrow roll-out

In a small kitchen with little storage space, you can make even narrow filler spaces work harder by installing a vertical pegboard rollout. Shown is the 434 Series 6-in. Base Filler with stainless steel panel.

Tip 4: Start at the bottom

The most useful rollout shelves and drawers are the ones which are closest to floor since these eliminate the most awkward bending and crouching. If want to limit your time and resources,you will get the most bang of your money investments retrofitting these areas first.


Tip 5: Store-bought rollouts—what to look for


Tip 6: Watch for obstacles

Protruding hinge

Be mindful to ensure sides don’t collide with hinges or adjacent doors.


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